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Large Spreader

The wide, sturdy edge of our large hardwood spreaders is built for spreading nut butter, frosting, cream cheese, or hummus without having to double-dip. These wood-spreading knives are comfortable to hold and designed to last a lifetime. You will surely find these wooden knives a straightforward workhorse in your kitchen. 

This wooden spreader is a unique yet functional addition to your cooking collection. The beautiful and elegant design makes this wooden butter knife the perfect companion to your gourmet cheese or charcuterie tray.


This jam spreader is a superstar in the kitchen. Here’s why:

  • Strong, unbendable construction.
  • Made from a hand-curated selection of hardwoods.
  • Scoops avocados, squashes, and melons with ease.

Save money and the whole Trifecta Set for $45. Add on some wood oil for care and maintenance.


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