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Trifecta - 3 Piece Utensil Set

The trifecta is the perfect storm of wooden cooking utensils. This set of hardwood kitchen tools consists of our favorite sized flat sauté, super helpful scraper, and favorite spreader. The trifecta is our most popular product; you can't go wrong with this combo. Looking for the perfect gift for a friend who loves to cook? The trifecta is your answer! Crafted with hardwoods to last many lifetimes. Heirloom-quality construction means this is a buy-it-once item.

Earlywood, making the best kitchen utensils and wooden spoons is not good enough. We meticulously design each tool in hopes that the craft, intention, and love we put into our work will inspire your culinary experience. Whether you are a home cook preparing quesadillas for the under-five crowd or a seasoned chef serving sous vide, Earlywood's wooden kitchen utensils suggest culinary intention that makes every part of every meal just a little bit better.

  • Large Flat Saute
  • Tera Scraper
  • Large Spreader

Add on some wood oil for care and maintenance.

Saute, scrape, and spread like a pro with these modern wooden utensils. Here are some features you’ll love about our golden trio set. 

  • Crafted with hardwoods to last many lifetimes.
  • Heirloom-quality construction means this is a buy-it-once item.
  • Replace plastic utensils with beautiful, sustainable, non-toxic hardwood.

Large Flat Saute

The flat sauté tool is the most "how did I ever cook without this" kind of utensil. These minimalist wood spatulas do it all and are guaranteed to become your go-to wooden kitchen utensil. The long flat edge sets this tool apart from standard wood spoons, while the ample 13-inch length can handle your biggest jobs with ease. Use the long edge to scrape the sides of large pots or jars.

Tera Scraper

Earlywood scrapers are designed specifically for the toughest jobs your kitchen has to offer. We use our hardwood scraper utensils to get those delicious brown bits up while deglazing a pan or cleaning stubborn residue from skillets. The angled edge and hardwood construction are perfect for cast iron cooking or non-stick pans. Try using one to chop frozen ground beef or to cut and serve lasagna or desserts. The comfortable, rounded handle, in combination with the flat, sharp edge, allows you to put your weight behind this strong kitchen utensil, clearing a path no wooden spoon could manage. 

Large Spreader

The wide, sturdy edge of our large hardwood spreaders is built for spreading nut butter, frosting, cream cheese, or hummus without having to double-dip. These wood spreaders are comfortable to hold and designed to last a lifetime. You will surely find these wooden utensils a straightforward workhorse in your kitchen. Purchase individually or save when you buy a set of four. This wooden spreader is a unique yet functional addition to your cooking collection. The beautiful and elegant design makes this wooden butter knife the perfect companion to your gourmet cheese or charcuterie tray.

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