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November 28, 2023 3 min read


Contest runs December 1-9 Winner must pick up at the Missoula Holiday MADE fair December 10th at the Adams Center. 


4r repurposed mittens //mittens // $24.95

Recycled repurposed items sweater mittens prairie skirts from sheets. Bags from reusable fabrics. 


Coming Up Rainbows // pit sticks // $30

Coming Up Rainbows makes plant-based safe & effective body and home care products, with a bit of rainbow flare. 

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  The raffle products are both of our eco-friendly Pit Sticks - one with glitter, and one without.


Lost Ornithology // print  // $25

Christine Martin is a printmaker in Butte, Montana. Her art celebrates the biodiversity of Montana.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  A 9x12 linocut of a Kingfisher printed on Mulberry paper with deep indigo colored ink. 


Middle Sister Designs // earrings // $60

Unique, sustainable jewelry created from recycled guitar strings 

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  These earrings consist of gold-toned hammered tear drop shaped guitar strings with five silver-toned guitar strings featuring brass ball-ends.


Christina Smith Art & Design // print // $20

Christina Smith is a watercolor illustrator that paints whimsical woodland and farm critters that she prints on greeting cards, wall decor, stickers, and other items.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: A giclee quality watercolor art print of a saw-whet owl that is hand embellished with gold paint details. Size is 8"x10" and it is ready to frame for your wall!


ARIHECHARI // earrings // $25

Using the finest quality Japanese-made glass seed beads, I craft unique and expressive beaded earrings and accessories--my main focus being stud, stick, and fringe style earrings. I hope you enjoy the intricacies and delicate nature of my work.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Handwoven triangle stud earrings--camelia flower blossom.


Corvidae // home goods // $51

Handmade home goods and gifts for your everyday adventure

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Coordinating tea towel, dishcloth, and tumbler


Field Guide Designs // print // $149

Mandy Mohler, a Montana artist, is the creative force behind Field Guide Designs. Her artistic journey began with a unique vision: arranging and photographing personal artifacts to create abstract portraits of people. Each portrait is a fascinating blend of art and anthropology.

As her passion for capturing the essence of individuals evolved, so did her work. She now skillfully crafts "landmark bandanas," which feature meticulously selected plants and animals, creating abstract portraits of iconic places. These bandanas serve as a symbolic tribute to the rugged American West, where beauty and utility go hand in hand. Not only are they decorative and beautiful, but they also double as useful adventure tools.

In addition to bandanas, Mandy also creates stickers featuring the same intricate plant and animal designs, making Field Guide Designs the perfect choice for wilderness enthusiasts and nostalgia lovers.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: MONTANA BEER HISTORY is the favorite decor for beer connoisseurs. This print features a gorgeous collection of vintage Montana Beers. 20”x24” print, titled and signed.


B.Martinez Scrap Art // original art // $

Wyoming born, Montana made Artist, B.MartiNez creates art using scrap wood and recycled, reclaimed, re-used, and liberated materials....inspired by nature, form, and the process. 

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: One Missoula Small or 3 Minis♡ you choose....scrap wood art created with soft pastels, recycled latex house paint, and charcoal. Art inspired by everything♡


Studio 308 // embroidery kit // $35

Studio 308 creates works inspired by the textures and colors of nature. 

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This embroidery kit features a sampler of stitches that create the 56 countries of Montana. 


REcreate designs  // zip bag  // $62

Small batch manufacturing of clothing and accessories as unique as you are. Handcrafted in Montana from upcycled materials.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The Merganser VEE Zip has a pieced-upcycled denim front and a railroad back panel. We named the zip collection after birds to riff off how the vee design emulates a feather's branching structure. Each of our bags is unique and as vibrant and abundant in color variations as our feathered friends. SIZE: 14" x 7.5" x 2.5"


Fair Trade Family // Emotional Support Stuffie // $40

Fair Trade Family has been offering emotional support stuffies, play foods, and unique custom knitting and crocheting since 2005.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Our themed cows and other animals are among our most popular emotional support stuffies.  This sunflower cow is sure to brighten the day. 



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