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4R Repurposed mittens

I live in the Blackfoot mountains and have always had a passion for recycling for the earth and reusing items into useful renewable products instead of the land fill. I currently take sweaters that i find at garage sales, second hand stores and from friends .Through a specific process i felt them down. After this i can cut them apart and remake into the sweater mittens. They are then lined with repurposed fleece for soft inner linings. The sweaters make the mittens flexible enough for several size hands all to wear comfortably while conforming to each individual hand. They are also washable ,hardy and extremely warm. They are known for being unique as each mitten is designed by me,some are embellished with cuffs, old buttons , jewelry, etc to complete the look. I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as i enjoy making them. Brenda Tallon


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