X bar 4 Studio

X bar 4 Studio is a fun, bold jewelry line inspired by traditional western/Native American designs. All pieces are individually handmade limited edition items made from colorful lowfire clay that has the chameleon-like ability to mimic many mediums- tooled leather and stone are two favorites. The pieces are distressed and embellished to give the feel of well-loved artifacts. As an artisan, I strive to craft unique well-made jewelry that will add a spark to your jewelry collection- they personify the Montana spirit and are the pieces you reach for first! Jewelry from the Tooled Collection is especially popular with vegans looking for a real leather alternative.

I worked for years as a medical lab professional, in my spare time developed a passion for working in clay, finding my own unique style. Now retired from laboratory work, I direct all my energy into my passion- creating rustic western inspired jewelry.


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