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Whisker Elixir

Who would Abraham Lincoln, Sophocles, Ernest Hemingway, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Mr. T be without their beards ... and where would we be without them? The Beard has been an emblem of strength, courage, individuality, and power throughout history. Ensure that yours is as awesome as it should be with this enriching beard oil.

Whisker Elixir provides your beard with a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals + reduces itch and dander + locks in moisture, + helps support hair growth. Nourishing hemp seed oil and other beneficial botanical oils will give your beard the support and encouragement it needs to thrive in every environment. You’ll love its pleasant, natural scent. (Oh, and here's one more reason to love Whisker Elixir: We hear it generally promotes Manliness.)

How to use: After shower, apply 5-10 drops to palms of hands, then distribute evenly throughout your facial locks.

Ingredients: Organic Oils of Hemp Seed, Palma Christi, and Babassu; Essential Oils of Cedarwood, Rosemary, Myrrh, Eucalyptus

The Good Stuff Botanicals is a renowned organic skincare company known for its groundbreaking cream, Gypsy Cream, which has supplanted steroid creams in hospitals. Initially formulated to heal psoriasis, Gypsy Cream is now favored by leading dermatologists, homeopaths, medical doctors, and estheticians for an expanding range of skin issues. The company offers a complete skincare line meticulously curated with the most effective, sustainable, and clean organic ingredients from around the globe.

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