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We Leave The Flowers Where They Are, LLC

We Leave The Flowers Where They Are is an anthology of 41 women writers from Montana, all amateurs who are publishing their memoirs for the very first time. The book and the project is a volunteer effort, with one dollar from every sale benefiting the Zootown Arts Community Center, and one dollar from every sale benefiting Humanities Montana. For the past four months, we have been touring libraries throughout the state, and partnering with each town's local non-profit that advocates for women. Since August, we have toured to over 25 locations, mostly in underserved communities. Our events are amazingly powerful, with four to five authors reading aloud to packed audiences, telling their truths without fear or shame. We also partner with some libraries in creating vigils and workshops that spring out of the power of storytelling. We want every woman to know that their story matters!


    Join the fun & support local art