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The Last Best Place Orchard

Located on the east shore of Flathead Lake, The Last Best Place Orchard is home to over 750 mature cherry trees, producing some of the sweetest and juiciest cherries you will ever taste.

We purchased our orchard in 2019, which has been an ever-evolving adventure! Located just north of Yellow Bay, our orchard is professionally managed by the Zavalas to ensure all proper steps are taken, and we fully abide by all commercial WCFF guidelines. We are proud to have some of the best cherries and many older mature trees, including Lambert's and Rainier's. We continue to expand our side offerings of jam, honey, syrups, candies, etc. We love our repeat customers who return to our orchard every season, and we are very excited to participate again this year in the Flathead Cherry Festival. Our business is a family-run operation, with siblings, cousins, parents, and our children helping to make it possible each and every year. We take great pride in our cherries and would love another opportunity to showcase them as part of the Cherry Festival. 



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