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The Hemp Witch

I'm Tessa, aka the Hemp Witch! I'm a professional herbalist focusing on product development and formulating using wild native medicinal herbs that I ethically harvest with my partner and my pup.

I started The Hemp Witch in 2019 after noticing a pattern among local dispensaries: generic, heavily processed, poor quality products made by individuals with no experience manufacturing (or working with medicinal plants)! I now specialize in formulating the highest quality products made with full spectrum Hemp & Cannabis derivatives.

I work exclusively with living plants that I harvest, grow myself, or purchase from organic farms. What begins as cold processed colorful & fragrant herbal oils, transforms into a perfectly set pain salve, skin mimicing facial serum, or pH balanced soaking salt. You'll notice the difference between my hand crafted CBD products & the commercial stuff immediately.

Whether it's pain relief, pleasure, or skincare you're after, I've got you covered!


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