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The Arrowleaf

I’m Paige Devlin, the maker behind The Arrowleaf. I began creating when I was a child, using beads, acorns…anything I could find. Thankfully river stones and leaves still enchant me. I’ve been regularly metalsmithing for only a few years and I consider myself just a fledgling in the craft. My work is an expression of myself and all things I hold dear—the wonder and sacredness of the natural world. I use recycled metals and ethically and sustainably mined stones or found stones. I work in a tiny converted garden shed nestled in fact, in the garden. The torch, saw and hammer are extensions of my hands when I’m in the studio. Many of my pieces incorporate hand-sawed silver plants native to Montana. I hope that my art will be a labor of love for our earth, a reminder of the interconnectedness of our world.


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