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Stube Creative

Stube Creative’s Maren Stubenvoll is an up-and-coming artist in Bozeman, Montana. She creates bold digital illustrations and prints, acrylic canvas pieces, and apparel inspired by the mountain cultures she’s been a part of growing up across the Rocky Mountain West.
She has always been in awe of the beauty, complexity, brightness, and humor of the natural world and the mountain communities around her. She creates strong characters throughout her work, often reflecting the complicated feelings, politics, humor, and humanity of the Montanans she loves. Whether it's a bandit donning a banana as a gun, a bison in a cowboy hat, or a cowgirl riding a giant snail, she aims to spark conversations and smiles across her work. When she's not painting in her backyard with her dog, you can find her at the coffee shops doing freelance illustration work or out on the trails running and exploring!


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