Soft Landing Missoula

More than 65 million people worldwide have been uprooted from home by conflict and natural disaster. In response to the growing epidemic of displaced people, a group of concerned Missoulians came together to responsibly consider welcoming refugees in Missoula, Montana, and to be at least a small part of alleviating suffering for families in turmoil. Soft Landing Missoula is focused on building a sustainable effort to engage the community in helping refugees integrate and thrive well into the future. 

Soft Landing Missoula (SLM) helps Missoula, Montana, to be a welcoming, supportive and informed community that can assist refugees to integrate and thrive. SLM is committed to providing community education and outreach to make this endeavor as positive as possible for Missoulians and the refugees joining our community. SLM provides ongoing support to refugees by helping them meet their physical, spiritual, and social needs as they settle into our community.



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