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Shiva Studs

The Shiva Studs get their name from the Hindu deity, Shiva. Shiva is the manifestation of male energy and embodies consciousness and awareness. The stylized sun ray details in this piece symbolize the sun,, which historically symbolizes the divine masculine. Wear as a reminder to come from a place of logic and reason.

Take off your jewelry when sleeping, showering, applying lotion, sunscreen, or makeup, and exercising for the best care. Store your pieces in an airtight jewelry box, cloth, or plastic bag to help slow down the natural process of oxidation. Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals found in cleaning products, pools, and hot tubs. Polish with a polishing cloth.

  • Sterling Silver, Brass
  • Sterling Ear Posts
  • Sterling Silver Heavy Weight Backings

Adorn to Rise is a jewelry brand that focuses on creating high-quality, meaningful talisman jewelry to accompany you on your personal journey. Each piece is inspired by inner work and personal growth and is designed to be a simple yet striking symbol with deep meaning. The brand is independently owned and operates in small batches, based in Missoula, Montana. Founded by owner and designer Claire Mannheimer, Adorn to Rise aims to inspire and empower individuals to rise to their fullest potential through the power of meaningful adornment.

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