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shards and splinters

Shards and Splinters is exactly that. Shards and splinters of scrap glass from assorted stained glass artists and broken work, set with beads, stones, and crystals from estate/yard/garage sales, set in frames from the Goodwill and estate/yard/garage sales. After retiring in 2016, I began making large pieces in wine barrel rings for outdoor display in my own yard. Now I make commissioned and original pieces for indoor, outdoor, custom windows, and tabletop displays. My largest piece hangs in Ohio, at 40X60". Other pieces are in California, Texas, Arizona, Florida, Montana, Oregon, New Zealand, and France.

I love the colors, movement, and textures of the glass. And it is the glass that drives the creation of the piece. I just put it where it wants to be. I hope you'll stop by and see some of the newest pieces.


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