S. Howell Studios

Born and raised in New England, Stephanie’s love for art and the natural world have always been an integral part of her life. She studied jewelry and metalsmithing at SCSU and was immediately enthralled by metal's ability to have fluidity, malleability and permanence. Lost wax casting quickly became one of her favorite techniques, allowing her to capture intricate, organic textures. Traveling after college was transformative and she eventually wound up with roots in Jackson Hole. It’s there that she feels the most connected to the earth, her work and her own story. Her design aesthetic is profoundly inspired by the plants, wildlife and unsurpassed landscapes in the Tetons. Stephanie’s jewelry is handcrafted with recycled metals and sustainable practices. Each piece is intended to draw attention to subtle beauty in hopes of inspiring the wearer to slow down and approach even the most ordinary moments with a sense of wonder.


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