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Rock Solid MT LLC

Rock Solid was born out of Barb Cattaneo's passion for the outdoors and the beauty it contains. Every item is handpicked, handmade, and individual- each rock, mineral or fossil has taken millions of years to form uniquely.

Barb's idea started with a coaster, and exploded to include solid and river rock lamps, candle holders, games, pendants, and more. Elements of Montana are incorporated through reclaimed barnwood, driftwood, antlers and horseshoes. Repurposing and breathing new life into materials is rewarding and keeps them out of landfills.
Barb also offers the option of custom products. If anyone has a rock they love, you can work together with Barb to make it the creation of your dreams.

Montana is unique -the state and the treasures it provides. Rock Solid brings pieces of Montana magic to others, to share some bounty this great state has offers. Every product made is authentically Montanan, with pride.


    Join the fun & support local art