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Random Acts of Silliness

Random Acts of Silliness is a theater and visual arts organization inspiring laughter and play in the Gallatin Valley. We build community by sparking whimsy and creativity in the young - and young at heart - through quirky and engaging art installations, theater productions, and random acts of silliness. 

Our work weaves together playfulness, magic, surprise, and rich story telling. We value and support artists, sustainability, and equal access to the arts. 

Bumblewood Thicket, wacky improv shows, gnomey escapades, fairy tales in a teaspoon, silly snow monsters, a giant kaleidoscope, zany marching bands, portals to other worlds, and–BIG BREATH–so much more.

We are super serious about manufacturing joy, but we don’t talk much about why we do what we do and the impact beyond giggles and guffaws. Immersive art experiences have been proven to:
Inspire personal creativity = more making!
Boost feelings of well-being = happy humans!
Reducing cortisol levels = less stress!
Combat isolation = more connection!
Help us feel positive about our communities = places where fairies frolic and unicorns appear ARE the kind of places we want to live.


Here's a snapshot of our impact in the last year:
9,000 visitors delighted in the Cabinets of Curiosity

15,000+ visitors were pixie dusted at Bumblewood Thicket fairy village

300+ build-your-own fairy houses appeared there

44 folks joined the silly monster marching band in the Sweet Pea Parade

2,304 attendees laughed their socks off at Magic Monster Shows

7,000 visitors to the Gnome Roam received a Gnome Gname

10 snow piles all around the valley got visited by Silly Snow Monsters

68 local and regional artists were paid to make magic 

92 volunteers played with us for a total of 692 donated hours

RAS offers this programming to our community for FREE. We’re putting art in the public sphere: places that feel welcoming to everyone, public and accessible, and sometimes places where you might stumble upon a bit of magic unexpectedly. We’re creating experiences for everyone, regardless of age or income, and we believe in paying artists and staff enough that they can afford to live here. As our community grows and changes, it is even more important to invest in what makes our community unique and unite us.

    Join the fun & support local art