Random Acts of Kindness

This gift box is a sweet pick-me-up for almost anyone: teachers, coworkers, pet sitters, and hosts. A little bit of something special.

  • Paint-it-Yourself Floral Notecard
  • floral mini notes and envelopes
  • Mini Ceramic Dish
  • 2 Bars of Handcrafted Soap

Michelle Nowels Paint-it-Yourself Floral Notecard 
The design of the card may vary. Each card includes paint and a paintbrush. 

KTF Design  floral mini notes and envelopes
A variety pack perfect for sending a short note of thanks. 

Open Sky Arts Mini Ceramic Dish
Each dish is a great size for holding rings while you are woodworking or doing dishes.

Hindu Hillbilly Lemon Grass & Grapefruit Ginger Handcrafted Soap.  Free of preservatives and using only 100% natural essential oils, Hindu Hillbilly's soaps set the bar high. 

Join the fun & support local art