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Oh BeeHave

This sample pack of Hindu Hillbilly's honey-based salves is a perfect gift for your favorite gal pal (or yourself). This set includes a few of our favorites and a cute Indigo Wren clutch to hold it all!

  • Indigo Wren 
  • Smooth It Out Hard Lotion 
  • Sore Muscle Salve 
  • Bee Ready First Aid Salve
  • Bee Ready First Aid Salve

REcreate designs Indigo Wren
The Wren is perfect for your life on the go or as an addition to your travel bags. Throw in your paired-down essentials and a few bonus items as well. Your friends will be jealous of your mini clutch. It has a pieced-together upcycled denim l front and a complimenting railroad back panel.

Hindu Hillbilly
Smooth It Out Hard Lotion
Smooth out your toughest spots. Use after a hard day's work, outdoor adventure, or a day in the garden. It's a no-mess way to take care of your driest skin. Leave one in the car, gym bag, or purse. They are great on the go. Our lotion bar penetrates, heals, and seals, so you can be ready for another day. Hard lotion melts on skin contact. Rub onto affected areas and you are set!

Sore Muscle Salve
Arnica, cottonwood, and comfrey are age-old remedies to aid in relieving sore achy muscles and accelerate the healing process for sprains, breaks, bruising, and inflammation. Our herbal infused salve will increase circulation and remove waste from the injury site to help decrease swelling and promote healing. Our sore muscle salve comes in 2 oz canisters.

Bee Ready First Aid Salve
Experience the healing power of our raw honey and propolis salve. Our salve is carefully made with wild-crafted and organically grown herbs and oils that aid in rapid cell regeneration. Propolis has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties making its application as a topical agent unrivaled in effectiveness among natural healing substances. It promotes skin cell renewal, softens and smooths dry chaffed skin, eases skin irritations.

No scents, no additives. This is a very rich and creamy lip balm made with beeswax, honey, shea butter, vitamin e oil, wheat germ oil, and avocado oil. With the healing power of honey and vitamin e oil heal chapped lips quickly and naturally. It's great for any rough dry spots anywhere. Try it on your cuticles too!

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