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NikkiBean Designs

Handcrafted jewelry made with Moxie from Montana!

Nikki Campbell is the artist behind NikkiBean Designs. All throughout her life, she has been surrounded by artistic influence and a love of creative expression. Nikki is a self-taught artist that puts her unique creative abilities into the making of jewelry that speaks for itself and the person who wears it. Comprised of semi-precious stones, mixed metals, and wirework, Nikki strives to create pieces fit for people with Moxie; those who look to live every day with determination, an energizing spirit, and an optimistic outlook on this beautiful life! Each NikkiBean Designs piece is unique, no piece is exactly the same. With a logo paying homage to her grandma Rita, and a nickname coined by her Mom Nancy, NikkiBean Designs is a nod to the creation of joy and moxie that always resides within!

NikkiBean Designs, made with MOXIE from Montana!


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