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Mountain Moon Wax Co.

I've worked for emerging brands for over ten years as a marketer. I've seen brands grow like crazy, go public, and become global enterprises. The problem is that I love small businesses. I decided to ditch that world and start my own small business. Mountain Moon Wax Co. is one of them (Purple Bison Media is the other – a tiny marketing agency that offers a variety of marketing services from high-level strategy to campaign-specific earned media).

So here we are, handcrafting Montana-inspired candles. The smells of nature inspire the scents, and the colors of my concrete vessels are inspired by stone and rocks seen on hikes & hunts through public land. My hope is that I will eventually be able to harvest local plants (for example: wild sage), distill it down and make my own essential oils to put in my candles. Truly a piece of Montana.

    Join the fun & support local art