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This shirt marked Statriot’s first collaborative project with Missoula artist, animator and writer, Andy Smetanka. The Montanka design captures the Treasure state at its most scenic.

A lake, a mountain range and a sky offer Montana’s scenic treasures, without any other hokey bullshit. Andy’s done animation work for musicians ranging from the Decemberists and Missoulians Volumen to Salt Lakers Le Force. More recently Smetanka’s work has been featured in films such as award winning Cannuck film My Winnipeg, and at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival. Andy’s work has a classic, timeless feel, and is rendered with just an Exacto knife and sheets of card stock!

Statriot is a Montana-based brand proudly showcasing apparel featuring charismatic megafauna, state trees, and more! Their designs are created and printed in Missoula, MT, focusing on printed t-shirts, hats, and sweatshirts. They create or collaborate (with Andy Smetanka and Kari Workman) on all their designs, ensuring a unique and locally inspired collection. While they print some one-color designs, Garage Ts in Missoula handles the bulk of their printing.

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