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Lost Sage

An artist that blends together scent and scenery.

Sarah Moody began her career as an independent candle maker, finely mixing together fragrances that are inspired by nature and reflect the places or moments that she loves the most. Lost Sage speaks to those who enjoy bringing the best of the outdoors to any space. Each product is consciously made by hand, free of phthalates & parabens, vegan and cruelty free.

From Lost Sage grew another small business. Sarah learned photography in hopes of creating her own content, but instead uncovered a deep love of landscape photography. Getting lost in time with her camera in hand is an unmistakable habit, and the photos that are found in such moments embody a dreamy approach to landscape photography. With an eye for detail and appreciating the wild simplicity of nature, the perspective is unique and most authentically... Moody.


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