Learning With Meaning

Learning with Meaning, INC is a community-based learning environment, respectful of all individuals and individual learning styles, and supportive of all educational pathways.  We offer an array of affordable, experiential classes designed to allow families to direct the education of their children based on individual needs, interests, and aptitudes. Class enrolment can be selected as a complement to one's primary educational pathway, or experienced as a full-time student.  At Learning with Meaning, INC, we strive to teach inclusion and instill a love of learning. This is achieved by creating educational offerings that are financially accessible, experiential in nature, and contribute to the formation of capable, independent, self-directed students. The MADE Fair has afforded us the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills, and to put them to use in a practical way. The funds derived from selling our goods will go back into materials and supplies for the 2019/2020 school year.


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