Roadside Knife & Board Set

This is one of our favorite things to throw in a bag when getting ready for a day or weekend adventure. For the campers, hikers, fishers, road trippers, travel cooks, bring-your-lunchers, and on-the-go snack makers. With a pocket-sized beechwood cutting board, an Opinel folding knife, and a leather case to keep it all together, the Roadside Knife and Board Set is their next favorite tool. Consider upgrading the knife to a round tip for a safer option with kiddos around or a corkscrew for those wanting a perfect wine and cheese picnic.

beechwood pocket cut board with mineral + lemon oil food-safe finish
SIZE: Regular 4"X6"  //  XL: 5.5”x7.5”

Opinel Pocket Knife with virobloc safety ring, stainless steel blade
Regular: no.6 beech  // no. 7  round tip (colors may vary)
XL : no. 8 beech // no 10 corkscrew



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