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Kitchen Master

A perfect gift for your loved one who has a fully stocked kitchen but would appreciate these special items.  Also great for housewarming presents for friends or clients or a welcome-to-the-neighborhood gift for new clients. 

  • Trifecta 3-piece Wooden Cooking Utensil Set
  • Classic Wooden Soup Ladle
  • Food Grade Wood Oil
  • 10 oz Rivulet Apiaries honey
  • Felted Wool Trivet
  • Baker Art Note Card

Earlywood Trifecta 
3-piece Wooden Cooking Utensil Set
One of our favorite gifts in the shop. The set includes a large-sized flat sauté, a super useful scraper, and a handy spreader. You can't go wrong with this beautiful and functional handcrafted combo! Wood types will vary.

Classic Wooden Soup Ladle
Sturdy, balanced, and beautiful, this w
ooden serving ladle is handcrafted from Jatoba, and it’s perfectly balanced and comfortable to use. Whether scooping sauces or hearty chili, this wooden server is all you need. 

Food Grade Wood Oil
To help you care for your heirloom kitchen utensils, we've included a blend of low-viscosity mineral oil and organic lemon peel oil.  Its antimicrobial properties will help keep your utensils safe for years to come.

Hindu HIllbillies Rivulet Apiaries Honey 
This 10 oz jar of honey comes from a small family-owned and operated apiary nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Western Montana dedicated to producing local and sustainable products. Their honey is extracted and bottled into glass jars with minimal processing. It is unfiltered and unpasteurized. 

Patagonian Hands Felted Wool Trivet
Brighten up your kitchen with this beautiful, colorful trivet made from 100% sheep's wool.

Field Guide Designs Baker Art Note Card 
Write out a note or frame this collection of kitchen utensils. Perfect wall decor for kitchen artists.

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