Jake Mosher Photography

Jake Mosher is an international-award-winning photographer whose work featuring the Rocky Mountain landscape has been published across the globe. From vast, horizon-to-horizon panoramas of the Milky Way over remote, alpine lakes, to macro images of native pollinators, Mosher's work showcases his unique
view of the beauty in nature.

"There's nothing ordinary in the natural world," Mosher says. "I believe that the earth, particularly off the beaten path, is still a wonderful thing to see. I hope that my photos will inspire people to take just a second out of their busy days and observe what's around them."

The author of a pair of Montana-based novels, Mosher has worked as a journalist, substitute elementary school teacher, logger, prize-fighter, and explosives engineer. A full-time nature photographer living in Bozeman, he is the winner of the 2020 National Wildlife Federation's Photo Contest for the best landscape in the US.


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