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Jake Mosher Photography

Jake Mosher is a two-time winner of the National Wildlife Federation Photo Contest for the world's best landscape. He is the 2022 winner of the World Nature Photography Awards landscape division and the 2018 people's choice Astronomy Photographer of the Year.
Spending the majority of his time in the remaining wildest country in Montana, Mosher shares his vision of remarkable moments in extraordinary places. Whether he is photographing the Milky Way over the barren peaks of the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness or sitting in alpine wildflowers for hours on a summer afternoon capturing feeding sphinx moths, Mosher believes all time spent outdoors is worthwhile.
"As the world moves faster and faster with more people in a hurry, I believe it's particularly important to recognize the beauty of the natural world -- wonders that are increasingly at risk from climate change, development, and a planet that has less time for nature."


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