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Ivette Fine & Wearable Art

I am a multidisciplinary artist and interior designer from Missoula, MT.

My work is minimalist, bright yet delicate, and combines realism and abstraction. My tool of choice is fire. I create fine and wearable art with natural materials, such as beeswax, precious metals, pigments, and minerals.

My love for exploration and experimentation is the underlying basis for my work. I’m both formally educated and self-taught and draw inspiration from nature, my favorite artists and past and present landscapes. I am fascinated by light and movement, which account for my choice of subjects. My interest lies in capturing the soul of things rather than the details, always playing the line between abstraction and realism.

I create in order to satisfy a desire to bring beauty into the world and into people's homes and work spaces. I have recently expanded my offerings to also include design, décor and art consulting services.


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