Holliday Glass

Holliday Glass creates a Montana and outdoor-themed collection of upcycled, functional art pieces including plates, bowls, candleholders, spoon rests, and window/wall hangers.

We collect all types of bottles from around town, clean them and cut them into pieces: base, body, and neck. These pieces are cleaned one more time and then either draped over stainless steel cores or fuse-flattened into glass blanks in our home studio. From there, the flattened blanks are screen printed, airbrushed and/or hand-painted with glass enamel and fired one last time to set the enamel and form into its final shape. All silk screens are designed and created in-house as well.

For our candle holders, we purchase locally made beeswax tea lights and pillar candles from Kate's Mercantile (Hall, MT) to bundle with each candle holder.



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