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Hikingbird Creative

My name is Alyssa Shaw, owner of Hikingbird Creative. I am an artist and outdoor enthusiast based in Bozeman, MT. My creative interests span a variety of mediums and outlets, including painting, stained glass, and hand-sewn goods. Acrylics and gouache are my specialties in the studio and en plein air. I find myself most inspired by the mountains I’ve climbed, the sunrises I’ve observed, and the hillsides full of wildflowers I’ve passed while hiking. The memories I take home fuel my passion to create, and I then preserve them on canvas. I tend to paint with colors slightly more bold & vivid than reality- embodying the memories and emotions felt when enjoying the serenity of nature as I bring myself back into that precise moment. I hope my work will inspire you to go on adventures and never take a moment in nature for granted!


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