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Forging Roots

Forging Roots offers handcrafted Montana-made, Montana-inspired art. Artist Amanda Garant is a Jane-of-all-trades that works with a variety of mediums -- from natural fibers to recycled metals. Made from up-cycled, locally-salvaged materials, Forging Roots' pieces are inspired by the beauty and adventure of Montana's wild spaces. Each piece is handcrafted with deliberate care, guaranteeing a unique gift for any biker, hiker, angler, mountain-lover, or river-enthusiast. Amanda began Forging Roots in July of 2018 with the hopes of producing unique, ready-to-hang pieces that bring the beauty of Montana into people's homes. As a Montana craftswoman, she performs every step of the process, from the embroidery to the TIG welding to the woodworking. Thanks for shopping handmade and supporting local artists! May your days and years be filled with all the beauty and adventure that the world and the Treasure State have to offer.


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