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Flying Lime Studio

Flying Lime Studio consists of aesthetic offerings of joy by artist Lynsey Douglas. She is (slightly)otter obsessed, a scotch enthusiast, Oregon raised, and currently residing in Missoula, Montana.

She paints, draws, silk screens, and just started to learn to embroider. She recently began to delving into the art of chocolate making (but thatÕs a whole other storyÉ)

She enjoys working with all sorts of subject matter, recently delving into portraiture and landscape for the first time in quite a while. Her main focus, however, has been on drawing and painting animals. Beginning at a young age, she had always felt a kinship with animals. Over time she discovered that many people also share these deep connections. She uses her art to help people celebrate their bonds with their furry loved ones, hoping to bring more joy into people's lives through her artwork.


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