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Floie Hawk Jewelry

Kristen Marie Hedge is a Silversmith from Green Bay, WI. She is getting her Master in Fine Arts from Montana State University where she specializes in Organic and Botanical Casting, along with Foraging and Lapidary. Her practice has grown from her childhood, being a fourth generation Florist and Gardener. She forages for her materials locally to create her jewelry and small sculptures, highlighting the beauty that is around us.
“I’m interested in how wearable objects, through their adornment, can facilitate performative expressions of mental, emotional, and physical states; how they can be taken off and put away when referencing the past or a memory. Choosing metal as my preferred medium has allowed me to explore the contrast between its natural hardness with the delicate qualities of botanicals. I am not only preserving the physical materials but also challenging the way these objects are traditionally viewed.”


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