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Celebrate the mom who is the first to wear her hiking boots or pack the camping gear.  She's adventurous and ready to make memories, so why not give her a gift she'll treasure?  

  • Side Hustle Hip Bag
  • Glacier Park Quick Facts Book
  • Large Art Sticker
  • Note Card Set

Josh Quick Glacier Park Quick Facts
'Glacier Park Quick Facts' is a collection of lesser-known facts about America's Crown of the Continent. It's a book filled with unique one-sentence tidbits about Glacier Park and whimsical illustrations that the whole family can enjoy.

REcreate Designs Side Hustle
Need to go around town or the world in style with all of your possessions at your hip? Consider the Side Hustle to be your next best friend. It will hold everything you need for a quick jaunt around town and your daily essentials.

Mimi Matsuda Art, She Can Do It Sticker 
From the artist: "She Can Do It" decal pays homage to mama bears' strength, love, and power worldwide.  I created this image thinking of the famous grizzly bear mom #399 in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.  She has successfully raised many cubs over her 30-plus years.  She is a true inspiration. 5"x 4" 

Claire Emery Note Card Set
Four beautiful travel and nature-themed note cards: Under the Starry Sky, Onward to the River, Cottonwood Cathedral, and Fireweed: New Life




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