Estella's Bees Knees Company

I founded Estella's Bees Knees Company in 2018 while being a stay at home mommie. I started making my own products while pregnant because I just couldn't find a product that I liked AND that was not sold in plastic! My sister-in-law was also pregnant and so I started making her products as well. My midwife then asked for some samples and that was the beginning of what is now Estella's Bees Knees Company. All products are in glass containers and plastic is used only because I have yet to find an affordable solution for a non-plastic sprayer nozzle. All products are made in Helena, MT. My motivation for my business is to transform the finest ingredients into extraordinary skincare products for every mommie while being eco-friendly. My products are cruelty free, organic, non-GMO, and can be customized (if you are vegan or have an allergy or preference for other ingredients).


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