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EarthWalk Wilderness School

EarthWalk Wilderness School offers classes and demonstrations of a variety of ancestral skills and crafts. Connect with the natural world using all of your senses! We will be showcasing a collection of hand built, locally-sourced drums. These pieces were made by first processing the raw hide the traditional way, without the use of chemicals. While the hair is being removed, care is taken to bring out the natural beauty and acoustic qualities that each unique skin offers. Next the frames are assembled using a hardwood spline method which allows the drum, once finished, to vibrate without being dampened by metal fasteners. Rawhide is then cut to size, including lacing, and left to soak. The skin is then stretched on the frame, laced and dried overnight. Later a variety of handles can be attached. Each drum is truly one-of-a-kind in its color, thickness and tone.


    Join the fun & support local art