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Dobez Designz

DobezDesignz is a husband-and-wife collaboration. Jamie makes gold and silver jewelry using fossils and unique stones.  She designs with nature in mind and attempts to enhance the natural beauty of stone.  Each piece of jewelry tells a story. She can work in many styles and carries ring sizes 2 to 14 so everyone can find the perfect item.
 Jamie also paints animal portraits in acrylic to produce greeting cards and magnets.  She infuses them with her humor and the occasional pun.
 Mike loves to take recycled items and make them into valuable objects.  He uses recycled electrical wire to create beautiful chain mail jewelry.  Each link is textured, cut, and assembled into patterns thousands of years old.
Mike also uses recycled ammunition to make various jewelry items and funerary urns.  Each item is made with attention to detail and quality.


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