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Rip It Up Chick! Designs

Rip It Up Chick! Designs is all about creating works of art to celebrate the best of what Montana has to offer, from the smallest of wildflowers to our expansive mountain views. After growing up on a farm in Northwest Montana Angie Mangels took off to Bozeman to study art and graphic design at MSU. While in school I immersed myself into the surrounding mountains and started spending all my free time in the outdoors skiing and exploring trails with my dog and friends. Each outing became a chance to see the world in all its beauty and I attempt to capture and bring that sense of awe and majesty into my prints and paintings of wildflowers, recreational activities, and mountain views. I'm at my happiest when standing in a mountain meadow filled with wildflowers and I hope to bring that feeling to others through my artwork.


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