Sentinel Custom CBG Guitars

My name is Jim Rendle. I'm retired, enjoying two hobbies that have outgrown themselves to become a small business "Crafted in Montana". I make 3 string cigar box guitars and lathe turned wood art.

I have tried to play the 6 string guitar on and off for 50 years with little success, and have had a lot more luck with the 3 string variety made from recycled cigar boxes or custom boxes made by me. They are acoustic/electric, and in open tuning which allows for one finger chords, and easy noodling. These are real instruments with good action/intonation. They sound great played straight or with a slide. Try them out in my booth.

"Montana Wood"Art" I love turning wood which I collect locally. Bowls, vases, boxes, bottle stoppers, mushrooms etc., etc.. I prefer woods with character which are harder to turn than cookie cutter logs.


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