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Cheryl Ruth Fiber Art Studio

Cheryl Ruth Janis is a one-woman Modern Textile Artist in Missoula, Montana. Her Cheryl Ruth Fiber Art Studio produces hand-woven, hand-felted, and hand-dyed organic wool and peace silk wall hangings in an organic, modern style. Through her art, Cheryl explores esotericism's light and effervescent themes, contrasted with the denser concepts of living on earth. She questions how seemingly opposing forces can harmonize within individuals and communities.

Cheryl began her fiber art journey weaving on a loom in 2018. Feeling restricted, she discovered wet felting and dry needle sculpting to express greater freedom and flow. Last year, she began weaving off-loom, allowing soft, feathery wool and silk fibers to loosely intertwine in a less restrictive form. Her evolution reflects an artistic path toward increasingly liberated self-expression.


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