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Brown Trout Enamel Mug

This enamel mug sports a 12cm diameter and just became your do everything camp cooking companion. Do everything? Well, maybe not everything, but it has an impressive resume. It is big o’nuff to make soup in, hold a healthy serving of morning Joe, mash a potato in, make a killer French onion soup, fry an egg, etc. Okay, I haven’t tried to fry an egg yet. But, I bet this mug could handle it!

  • Freezer, oven, AND campfire safe
  • Suitable for use on any type of cooker
  • Abrasion and rust resistance, as well as UV
  • Non-Toxic
  • Easy to clean

Her life among mountains inspires Brittany Finch's pen and ink illustrations. Unlike those seeking speed records on the trail, Brittany moves slowly, noticing the often overlooked details around her. She finds inspiration in these small moments, whether it's a leaf's subtle textures, the beetle's shiny shell, or the flow of fur on a pika. In her home of Big Sky, MT, where people often come for the grandeur of the mountains, Brittany Finch Art invites you to slow down and appreciate the beauty of the little things.

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