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Brittany Finch Art

Brittany Finch is a fourth-generation Montanan and artist born in Missoula who now resides in Bozeman. As a natural science illustrator, Brittany seeks to tell the story of Montana's rich plant and animal life through her highly detailed pen and ink artwork. Within Montana’s ancient mountains, forests, and ever-changing rivers exist often-overlooked flora and fauna that are essential to the Treasure State. Brittany believes that understanding these ecosystems is the first step to preserving them, and through her art, she invites viewers to pay attention to Montana’s biodiversity and natural beauty. Brittany’s highly detailed illustrations, which have been commissioned to several fine art galleries throughout the West, are sold as originals as well as prints. This artwork also serves as the foundation for products such as journals, greeting cards, apparel, home decor, and kitchenware, all adorning Brittany’s designs. Brittany sells her products directly to consumers and wholesale to businesses.


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