Bob Marshall Wilderness, Montana Slap Koozie

TheBob Marshall Wilderness slap koozie is a stylish insulating wet suit for your beverage. The slap koozie design and grippy interior hug all can sizes - classic, tall boy, slim can - and won’t slide off. You can even wrap it around an enamel camp mug to save your fingers from your hot morning coffee.

Measures 3.5” x 9”. Features flora and fauna specific to the bob marshall wilderness, Montana.

Do you remember those bracelets from childhood that slapped onto your wrist and fit perfectly? The slap wrap koozie fits around a myriad of beverage sizes to keep them chilled. At the same time, you brave the heat—and with our new nature-inspired designs, they also represent local landscapes like the bob marshall wilderness in Montana. A stylish and functional keepsake, a companion for festivals, river trips, barbecues, and hikes, the slap wrap koozie is this summer’s most useful souvenir. Cheers to you, friend!

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