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Bison Bison is the great roamer of the prairies, the once-beyond numerous iconic North American bison. Here in Montana we've still got them, they roam on the Fort Peck, Fort Belkap and Blackfeet Reservations, there are healthy herd in Yellowstone, and at the National Bison Range, up near Moiese. If you've encountered a bison before, you know they're large, in charge, and hard to ignore. This Montana-printed shirt comes on 50/50 soft cotton poly Bella Canvas shirts. Heather tan is for unisex/men's, and cream is for women.

Statriot is a Montana-based brand proudly showcasing apparel featuring charismatic megafauna, state trees, and more! Their designs are created and printed in Missoula, MT, focusing on printed t-shirts, hats, and sweatshirts. They create or collaborate (with Andy Smetanka and Kari Workman) on all their designs, ensuring a unique and locally inspired collection. While they print some one-color designs, Garage Ts in Missoula handles the bulk of their printing.

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