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Back to the Mother Ferments

We are crafter's of fine ferments right here in Missoula, MT! We create vibrantly living foods to fuel our vibrantly living bodies! We source our ingredients as local, organic, and fair-trade as we can get them! Our probiotic and enzyme rich products help the body absorb nutrition and offers a gentle detox to energize our daily lives. We've got savory to fruity as well as spicy to mild offerings, so there's something for every foodie!

Stop by our booth for free samples of our locally crafted kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut, and now cashew cheese spread! If you love probiotic rich living foods, you've found your source! We support local farms and produce most of our flavors in house without preservatives! National brands cant come close to the quality and vibrancy of our craft products.

Back to the Mother is proud to bring you the very best!


    Join the fun & support local art