Blue Bird
Orange Ya Blue
Herringbone Grey
Working Plaid
Purple N Plaid
Burgundy Blues
Rusty Olive
Olive You
Beyond Brown
Same Same
Blues Clues
Olive Grey
Shades of Grey

The Wren is perfect for your life on the go or as an addition to your travel bags. Throw in your paired-down essentials and a few bonus items as well. Your friends will be jealous of your mini clutch. 

The Wren VEE Zip has a pieced-together upcycled wool front and a complimenting back panel. We named the zip collection after birds to riff off how the vee design emulates a feather's branching structure. Each of our bags is one-of-a-kind and is as vibrant and abundant in color variations as our feathered friends. 

HOW AM I MADE? The ZIP collection is manufactured in the REcreate designs' production house in Polson, MT using scraps from other upcycled wool products, deadstock fabric (waste of the fashion industry), and waxed cotton. The process begins by deconstructing wool clothing, including suitcoats, pants, shirts, and skirts. The leftover bits from making our Chinooks and Tweeders are cut down, sorted and then resewn into the ZIP bag’s front panel. Our Heritage Collection transforms generations of wool into new products that tell a story and are one-of-a-kind just like you. Each bag comes with its own serial no. to track how much material we reclaim and divert from the landfill each year. By eliminating the need to produce new and raw materials, upcycling helps conserve natural resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We estimate diverting 3000lbs of waste from the landfill each year. 

CARE: Do not machine wash. Use cold water and mild soap, and gently rub it on with a sponge before rinsing. Air dry. 


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