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Jax Hats

Jax Hats was created 17 years ago when I made the first hat for my daughter from a shrunken wool sweater that was too pretty to throw away. Soon, Jax was making upcycled hats for adults and children and selling them at the People's Market downtown and several stores. We also make a line of women's and children's clothing using thrift store and garage sale finds. I share the business with my daughter, Adrienne (Mini Jax) and we love the creativity and free form design and consider ourselves so lucky that we get to play with fabrics full time! I am still selling Saturdays in Missoula at the People's Market plus many more fall and winter shows around Montana and coming up with new ideas all of the time! Mini Jax lives and sells mostly in the Oregon and Washington areas.


Upcycled, Missoula, MT

Rockin Rudy's, Missoula, MT

Artist Gallery, Missoula, MT

Wildflower, Helena, MT

The Gittin Store Great Falls, MT

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