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Handblown Glass

Each handblown glass is made without a mold, meaning each is unique!  If you buy more than one, please know that we will match them for size, but there will be small differences.

  • Most glasses are 10 ounces
  • The etching is permanent and dishwasher-safe
  • Not for the microwave or with hot liquids (Think cocktails, juice, or water)

As a modern glass artist, Glassisum Designs pushes the boundaries of traditional thought, inviting viewers to see the medium beyond classical glasswork and into colorful, movement-inspiring pieces. Using traditional techniques, handmade patterns, and original art glass, they create stained glass panels and handblown glassware that evoke memories and invite tactile exploration. Their goal is to inspire people to interact with glass in a more playful and wonder-filled manner, encouraging smiles of wonderment and curious fingers. Their handblown glassware collection is made without a mold, ensuring each piece is uniquely shaped.

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