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Montana Survival Seed

Howdy folks

Seeds are GENETIC DREAMS. No seeds = no food & no life…..It’s that simple.

I started a small and local seed company focused on seed crops that grow here in Montana, feeding people and pollinators. Half of my seed catalog is either seed I grew or wild-harvested. The other half are from local or regional organic seed growers.

I hand draw my seed packet designs and add humorous and hopefully insightful info on the back.

I also make custom US silver and copper coin rings dated from 1812-1964, and also dabble in other custom jewelry-making endeavors.

I sell fossils and teach groups with my traveling natural history museum with cool old stuff like meteorites, Dino bones, stone tools, mammoth ivory, etc.

I also teach primitive skills. Ever made a fire by rubbing sticks together? Ever made real buckskin leather from a deer you harvested or found?


    Join the fun & support local art