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Snow Orchid Designs

Chau Nguyen is a self taught jewelry artist who has taken various classes with nationally known artists over times. She lives in Livingston, Montana with her family, 2 cats and a dog. She works in precious metal clay, copper, sterling silver, gold fill and glass enamels. Her techniques cover traditional metalsmithing, fine silversmithing and the ancient art of enameling on metal. Chau’s work is a marriage of color, a contrast of lines and patterns, and an opposition of roughness and elegance. She believes the pursuit of harmony is inside all of us, and she embraces it by highlighting the rustic and the delicacy in her pieces. For inspiration, she looks to the rich Montana landscapes, the objects she scavenged, and the many cultures she experienced in her travels. Her jewelry wishes to awake the curiosity, the creativity in each of us, and to empower us to celebrate our uniqueness.


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